The Return of Cookie (III)

Cookie in full flight. Photo: Martin Hart
Cookie in full flight.
Photo: Martin Hart

Well, it’s back, folks!

I’ve not posted a blog entry for more than a year now, and have been touched by the number of you that have told me you miss it. It’s hard to believe I’ve been keeping it since 2007. It’s my only artistic outlet outside of music and I’m tickled to death that people actually take the time to read it – attention spans aren’t what they were. If you don’t believe me, check out how short the shots are in contemporary TV dramas. Some of the camera-work makes me positively queasy.

As ever, my online absence has been down not to my having been away, but to Apple’s enthusiasm for ‘withdrawing support’ for certain products. This euphemistically-put pain-in-the-arse accounts for my love/hate feelings towards them (see One Bad Apple). I love the elegance of their hardware and the design of their software, but I hate being forced to continue to spend money with them just because I expect their superior products to carry on working (wasn’t that a film with Bernard Breslaw?). Yup, mixed feelings… like watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your new car. (Not bad – two paragraphs in after a fifteen-month absence and I’ve got an antiquarian music hall gag in already).

This, then, may turn out to be a temporary home for my blog until I get round to rebuilding my main website. Who knows? If I can get the comments bit working it might be like the good old days. So, although you may be reading my stuff for the first time as a result of an invitation, do feel free to chip in your two penn’orth – it’s often the catalyst for the next post. The rest of you (you know who you are), don’t be strangers!

Ok folks, back soon; and in the meantime here’s a link to my old blog archive: click here

5 thoughts on “The Return of Cookie (III)”

  1. I don’t think I’ve been so excited since I received a white fiver for my first pay. It was, unfortunately, 1978 .. However, to th’ matter: Huzzah! Keep it up won’t you Cookie old chap – the blog, at least … I don’t want to be bicycling along to the newsagent only to find my comic has been delayed.

  2. My memory is so bad these days I could re-read your old ones and still be entertained, but it’s good to have fresh material….Welcome back Cookie!! Pardon??

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